Trucker With Two Weeks To Live Gets Unbelievable Surprise From His Family.

What would you do if your doctor told you that you only had two weeks to live? Something to ponder there, and here’s the story of a trucker who was faced with just that.

69-year-old trucker Ron Gunson was diagnosed with stomach and intestinal cancer, and, this past Halloween, his doctor told him that he had only about two weeks to live. Such a statement would shake anyone to their core. Only two weeks to live. What would he do?

Whatever was on his bucket list he needed to accomplish pretty fast. But Ron had been a trucker for the past 40 years. That’s all he knew. That’s all he really wanted to deal with. And many in his family were truckers…a son, his brothers and some nephews.

So when they found out what Ron was dealing with, they quickly organized a convoy in his home area of Ontario, Canada. His family wanted Ron to take his last ride in style. 61 trucks were involved in the convoy, with Ron in his own truck leading the way. It was a sight to see.

People lined the streets as they made their way through the town center, went a few more blocks, drove up the main road and circled around to end up at Ron’s house. And when he got there, there was about 500 people waiting for him, and there was hardly a dry eye among them.

Says Ron: “It was amazing. It was kind of overwhelming, knowing what was going on. You know, it was for me.”

Added his longtime friend Paul Eagleson: “It meant everything to him. …There was no bitterness this morning. No regrets… It is what it is and he says you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt.” 

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