TURNING TO GOD: Texas shooting suspect’s mother seen praying the rosary outside her parents’ house.

On Thursday evening, Adriana Reyes, the mom of Texas school shooting suspect Salvador Ramos, was praying on the front porch of her parents’ Uvalde home, the same home where her son apparently shot his grandma on Tuesday prior to going on a killing rampage at an elementary school less than a mile away.

Reyes seemed upset, swaying back and forth while murmuring prayers and holding what resembled to be a rosary in her hands.

Rolando Reyes, Reyes’s father, told earlier in the day on Thursday that his daughter is “feeling awful for all,” but added, “She lost her child, too.”

On Thursday evening, Reyes refused to answer questions, telling “I am praying.”

Ramos is suspected of murdering his grandma in the face inside their house and then drove her truck to Robb Elementary School, where he killed 19 kids and two adults.

The grandpa, Rolando, explained on Thursday morning that his wife was aware but unable to speak following surgery on Wednesday.

On Thursday, University Health Hospital in San Antonio listed a 66-year-old female victim, thought to be Ramos’ grandmother, as remaining in critical condition.

According to her boyfriend’s mother, Maria Alvarez, Reyes flew to San Antonio with her injured mother on Tuesday, but came to Uvalde that evening, presumably in shock over her child’s violent outburst.

She simply stated, she returned as she needed to find her son. She is not sure where he is, Alvarez told Reyes a few hours after the attack at her house.

She remarked, she didn’t think her kid would do that. He adored her mother.

Ramos was shot and murdered inside a classroom by a member of the US Border Patrol tactical squad roughly an hour after he arrived at school.

About 30 minutes before the assault, the 18-year-old posted on Facebook, “I’m going to shoot my grandma,” “I’ve shot my grandmother,” and “I’m going to shoot an elementary school.”

Ramos had no criminal past, and authorities are still looking for a reason for the crime.

Rolando, Ramos’s grandpa, expressed on Wednesday that his grandson has never shown signs of being responsible for such violence, while Reyes said that her child could be violent.

“There were times when I wondered, ‘What are you up to?'” Reyes told the news organization. “He can be rather violent if he was truly enraged.”

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