Twins Had To Shutdown Their Lemonade Stand When Someone Complained About Their Permit.

Isn’t it a little obnoxious when you try to do something good and fun for others and someone comes along who’s a stickler for rules? It’s just bound to knock the wind out of your sails.

A lemonade stand – one of life’s simplest frontiers for entrepreneurial children everywhere – was shut down (shut down, mind you) for not having a permit to operate. Ok. Who’s doing the stickling? That would be some grumpy, grouchy old-timers (at least past the age of 21) in Savannah, Georgia, who apparently have nothing better to do with their lives than to hobble the sweet, innocent dreams of the little ones.

Kamari and Kamera are twins… 7-year-old twin girls with this big old world lying in front of them to conquer. And starting with a lemonade stand in front of their home seemed the right way to start all that conquering. They made the paper signs with the special writing tools of 7-year-old around the world… crayons and markers. And they mixed up their thirst-quenching liquid concoction with yellow powders and water and put them in those familiar lemonade cups. And the customers came. And they paid the dollar per cup to enjoy the time-tested beverage.

It was fun for Kamari and Kamera. And they were making some pretty good coin at a dollar a pop. Life was good. And their family took pictures of them at their lemonade stand and spread the good, youthful fun to others. With that, more and more people showed up to drink in some happiness. People lined up all the way around the block.

And then came those curmudgeons who couldn’t let a good thing stay good. They complained. They bellowed. They scoffed and never mellowed… hmmm… from the Grinch family line, obviously. And it finally got to the point where the little girls had to shut down their lemonade stand because they did not have a permit to sell their drink.

The girls were… sad. This “adult thing” with permits was NOT in their vocabulary. It was just very depressing. But their parents encouraged them, their community – aside from those negative nellies – encouraged them. And soon, permits were signed. And the little twin girls, Kamari and Kamera, reopened their lemonade stand and they were back in business. And that business was now better than ever. Take that, you nasty nitwits. 

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