Twitter Mocks Amber Heard’s Changing Facial Expressions & ‘Mean Girls’ Vibe During Trial.

The defamation action filed against Amber Heard by ex-husband Johnny Depp remains a source of popular amusement. Amber’s courtroom facial expressions are being viciously ridiculed on Twitter, which is the latest indicator that viewers find it difficult to take the claims against both sides seriously.

Johnny is suing Amber over an op-ed she wrote in 2018 alleging abuse in a previous relationship.

According to Johnny, a 2018 column published in the Washington Post ruined his image and his Hollywood profession. The actor alleges that the article, in which Amber claimed she was the victim of numerous sorts of domestic abuse, sparked a significant public response and resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in prospective profits.

As a result, the two have been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute in Virginia that has become a cultural flashpoint, with fans split over who was the victim in their brief marriage.

There is no shortage of damaging proof.

Amber’s lawyer has supplied many unpleasant photographs of Johnny from her time with him. Some depict the life of a hard partier who looked to be out of control as a result of substance misuse concerns.

Meanwhile, Johnny’s legal team has been trying hard to portray Amber as the assailant, revealing tapes and text messages from the pair’s private and volatile talks.

Due to the absence of an identifiable victim, the case has become social media material.

People have taken images and video clips from the courtroom and posted them online. Some critics are pointing out how Amber attempts and fails to control her expression when the alleged terrible events of her history are presented – an indication that Amber’s emotions are all for show.

“Amber’s facial expressions, attitude, and whole manner during this trial remind me of the cruel girls in high school,” one Twitter user said.

Others have likened Amber’s reactions to those of a buggy video game avatar.

Many people have compared Amber to a character from the famous game series The Sims, which offers a slew of visual simulations that don’t always seem to strike the point when it comes to reproducing genuine human interactions and reactions to things. They’re labeling Amber’s emotions and manner “unnatural,” and they think she’s playing the victim.

Amber has received a lot of criticism for her courtroom behavior.

Throughout the trial, Johnny and Amber’s every action has been examined. Although it appears that Amber is receiving substantially more negative publicity than her ex-husband, this might be since she has made some very dramatic expressions as the testimony and proof has piled up.

As the trial progresses, let’s watch to see how things play out and whether Johnny receives any of the $50 million he’s looking for as payback.

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