Two Boys Walk Barefoot For A Mile To Save A Dog After They Had Lost Everything.

Most all of us care about dogs. They are our pets, and our friends. They keep us company, and show us their love. And, hopefully, in turn, we show our love to them.

In Cape Town, South Africa, 14-year-old Peter and 8-year-old Gerry had lost everything they owned in a fire at their home last month. When their neighbor could no longer care for her dog, Lady, she asked them if they would walk it to the Animal Welfare Society, which was several miles away.

She gave them a small amount of money to eat on. Peter was just going to keep the money to put away so he could buy his brother a pair of shoes.

When they walked barefoot into the animal center, they would need money for Lady’s care, so Peter used the money his neighbor gave him for food and then added what he had been saving to get his brother a pair of shoes. He wanted to make sure that his neighbor’s dog was taken care of.

Officials at the animal center were so moved by the young boy’s story that they gave his brother, Gerry, a pair of shoes.

Says an official at the center: “What really impressed me about these two minors is that despite the odds, they made a plan and unselfishly put Lady’s life and needs before anything else. We hope their devotion, compassion and initiative inspires other owners to take good care of their pets.”

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