Two High School Buddies Are Going Viral For All The Right Reasons.

Matthew Sabetta and Jake Marr are buddies at Maricopa High School in Arizona. And they’ve been buddies for a couple of years. Matthew has William’s Syndrome, but that doesn’t matter to Jake. Matter of fact, it just makes him all the more special.

A while back, Matthew made it known that he really likes cement trucks. Check that. He LOVES them. So, this past Christmas, after searching some time for just the right one, Jake presented his buddy with a yellow cement-mixer Tonka truck. And Matthew was thrilled by it.

Says Matthew: “I got happy tears and so it was just like my happy day.”

And although Matthew claims Jake is the best friend ever, Jake says HE is the one who is lucky to have Matthew as his friend.

Says Jake: “Because he makes everybody’s day, I figured I can make his day at least once,” adding: “Just be kind, talk to them, get to know them, they have the most amazing stories you’ll ever hear.”

Here’s how principal Brian Winters sums it up: “On a campus of 2,400 students, every day there’s something that’s awesome and positive that happens. And this kind of showcases why people get into education, and the great things that can happen on a campus when people care about one another.” 

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