Two Men Try Carjacking ‘Helpless’ Florida Woman, Pay The Price.

A lady in Clearwater, Florida, shot two robbers who were trying to steal her car, killing one and charging the other with second-degree murder.

Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman, 17, and Lasupta Singletary, 18, intended to meet with Louise Ornduff and her son Kalaeb at a Bank of America parking lot to finalize the sale of a Nissan Rogue. When they came, the culprits were armed and demanded the keys to Kalaeb’s automobile.

The culprits then fled in the stolen automobile, causing Ornduff to fire her own pistol at them. Coleman drove to a neighboring hospital after she hit Singletary. The 18-year-old was declared deceased at the scene.

Police first indicated that they will investigate the event to determine what caused the teen’s death.

What they’ll be doing is looking at security tapes, speaking to witnesses to see when that shot was fired, how far the car was when the shooting occurred to establish if self-defense is truly a legitimate defense here, non-involved criminal defense attorney Anthony Rickman told.

Coleman, who had a past criminal history with Singletary, was accused with second-degree felony murder and armed robbery. The murder allegation was brought against him because he was conducting a criminal at the time Singletary was slain.

Based on their past, which you can see in front of you, plus the fact that they were involved in an armed robbery, it points to something to…to their character, he would say, Clearwater PD Deputy Chief Eric Gandy stated.

Many readers praised the case’s resolution and the mom for doing what she was required to do in the circumstances.

‘She was right and had to do what she did, he would have done the same thing if he had been in her position, and the police and courts should back her up and not accept the case of these criminals, assist the police clean up the streets against crime,’ one Facebook reader said.

‘Everybody understands that the two’s family will tell you that they were decent lads. They’ll probably claim that they had to steal the automobile in order to sell it in order to make ends meet. People, just wait till the nonsense begins. Personally, I believe they both got what they deserved. Unfortunately for them,’ another person wrote

‘People are tired of working hard just to be plundered by thugs. If I were these jerks, I’d acquire a job so I could live a longer life. Many honest folks, like myself, are prepared to respond,’ another was added.

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