Unemployed Husband Spends $1000 On Spa By Wife’s Credit Card Without Her Knowledge.

Every marriage has its highs and lows. However, a couple should know how to deal with it. In this story a couple has some financial issue where the wife understands saving is important whereas the husband does not want to cut down on his luxury habit. Read the story and let us know what the wife should do?

Source: Reddit

My husband (33) and I (31) used to have a 2 income home but in 2020 we’ve lost our home and one of our incomes (his). We moved into a smaller apartment, had to sell many things and give up most of our “costly” habits.

My husband has an expensive habit of going to the spa for a weekly massage session. We live in an urban area so this stuff is ridiculously expensive. A single session is 250$, and he has to have it every week so that’d be nearly 1000 a month!. I offered to have his session at a regular spa but no, he has to get it from that luxurious spa near the restaurant we used to go saying the lady who gives the massage is an expert and he’s used to her.

Problem is I’m the only income earner and I’m struggling to make ends meet. I’m also pregnant and need to save money to prepare a nursery. I told him to cut his sessions but he refused. I told him I won’t be paying for them anymore and he said he’d get the money himself.

Yesterday I checked and saw that he’s been using my credit card for his sessions for a whole month and had maxed out completely. I found that out when I went shopping for baby essentials and the cashier said I had no money. I had to return everything then went home and went off on him. I told him he maxed my card out and made me look like an idiot at the store, he said he didn’t tell me cause he knew I’d have an issue with it.

I demanded he pay back the $1000 he spent but he refused, I yelled at him calling him irresponsible and he got upset and called me selfish and told me to stop playing victim and that this is affecting both of us since he’s going to be a parent too and it’s stressful for him and I keep dismissing his own needs as a human.

I went upstairs and he went out. He started giving me silent but I kept demanding the money back. He said I shouldn’t expect it back since we’re married then my money is technically his and I should stop using his unemployment against him. What would you do in her situation? Any advice.

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