Unfiltered Truth About The Life Of A Real Firefighter.

Story by Joshua Duran

(A very real and unfiltered side of me some of you will never see)

I’m a wildland firefighter and just came back from 60 days of service. I will dispatch tomorrow for another 30 days.

I usually have a bold tolerance to wildfires. When I see flame, I run towards it. We brave men and women, after awhile become addicted.. Addicted to the fight.. And the honor that comes along with it.. I never usually get scared..

But after today, watching the rogue valley literally burn to the ground.. I’m scared of what’s to come.. I’m scared to sleep because many of my friends may not be okay.. I’m scared to go because there is no feeling more hopeless then knowing the place you call home is being destroyed and you are being dispatched elsewhere..

If you are my friend, please wish me well on my journey this summer. I fought California’s FIRST OFFICIAL wildfire of the season in February. And I hope to fight the last!! I won’t quit until every fire is out, frayed or not. I will not fret. Not ever.

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