UNTHINKABLE ‘HORROR’: Teen accused of killing ‘most wonderful mom in the world’ over minor conflict

This Monday, a 19-year-old Florida man was captured and accused with shooting and murdering his mom in their Polk County home.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Seth Settle shot and murdered his mom on Thursday after she told him to quit smoking cigars in his bedroom.

On what appeared to be a typical workday, the event happened soon after Settle’s father left work. However, just after 9:30 a.m., he received word that his wife had been transported to the hospital. The event was discovered by Settle’s 24-year-old brother, who saw his mom slumped at their Lake Wales house.

Investigators did not suspect foul play right away since there was no blood found in the residence or evident damage to the victim’s body.

However, by the time Settle’s father had arrived home from picking up his daughter from school, he had learned that his wife had died. After Settle’s mother was declared dead, a nurse examined the body and discovered what seemed to be puncture marks.

According to Judd, the victim was shot in the heart, which immediately stopped it and stopped the flow of blood. Settle escaped, yet eventually admitted to detectives that he had murdered his mom.

According to Judd, Settle stated he was despondent and held a pistol to his head when his mom entered his bedroom. He said that as he moved to lower the weapon, the rifle accidentally fired. However, the sheriff stated that investigators suspect he shot his mom in rage.

Judd allegedly stated that all indications led to the 52-year-old mother being “the most fantastic parent in the world,” and that the family was well-liked and hardworking. Judd said that the only individuals in law enforcement who are more startled and bewildered by this are the immediate families. Nobody could have predicted this. The sheriff continued that he ran by her. Didn’t aid, didn’t contact 911. The sheriff can’t even begin to describe the agony of this occurrence.

According to the local news site, Settle was accused with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, five charges of presenting false information to law authorities, and firing a handgun on residential property. The pistol is also thought to have been obtained unlawfully.

May this gentle mom’s soul rest in peace.

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