UPS Driver’s Instinct Saves Elderly Man’s Life Who Helplessly Laid On The Floor For 7 Days.

When you live in remote areas, delivery people may be the only people you actually see on a regular basis.

Todd Holland has been a UPS delivery truck driver for the past 25 years. He runs the very remote route through Crumpler, North Carolina, and all of his customers through there know him for his kind, friendly ways. They will even have short conversations with him before he heads off and continues on his route.

But one day, Todd wrapped on one of his customer’s doors and there was no response. Maybe that customer was just busy with something on the other side of the house. But then Todd noticed that the package he had left on the porch the week before… was still out there. That’s when Todd started getting a little uneasy.

The customer was an elderly man in his 80s, so Todd knocked on the door once more… a little louder this time. Still, no answer. So Todd called out his name, and then the man’s Rottweiler started barking inside the house. Todd took it upon himself to open the man’s unlocked door and have a quick look around. He soon found the man lying unconscious on the floor, so he immediately called 911. Then Todd knelt down and held the man’s hand. The elderly man stirred somewhat and could only utter a few words. Those words were: I love you.

When the EMT’s arrived they thanked Todd for calling them, letting him know that the man would not have made it through the night had he not called. As they were taking the man to the hospital, Todd stayed and made arrangements for the man’s dog to be taken care of and for the house to be watched during his absence.

Todd’s biggest regret was that he had not found the man sooner. Todd urges other delivery drivers to be vigilant of their customers… to make sure – especially on remote routes – that everything is okay.

Good advice from a very good delivery driver. 

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