Uvalde teacher recalls telling students to hit the floor after seeing gunman

Nicole Ogburn, a teacher in Uvalde, Texas, possibly rescued her students’ lives when she instructed them to get to the ground only moments before gunshots broke her classroom windows last Tuesday.

In an interview that aired on Monday, she explained she couldn’t stop hearing boom, boom, boom. It simply continued going off for what seemed like forever. She explained she had one kid on top of her, and a number of other pupils right over here beside her, and they were all holding hands. All she could think was, ‘Please God, please God, keep us safe.’

Nicole Ogburn says it started off like any other day. There were awards ceremonies honoring student accomplishments near the end of a busy year. She had just turned on a Disney movie for her students when she saw someone carrying a gun outside her classroom window. “I just, like, looked out the window and I see this guy with a gun walking up. And I just told my class, get on the ground, get on the ground, get to the corner,” Ogburn said. https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/robb-elementary-teacher-describes-the-moment-she-spotted-a-gunman-outside-her-window

Posted by Jordan Elder on Saturday, May 28, 2022

During last week’s incident at Robb Elementary School, when an 18-year-old shooter killed 19 kids and two teachers, Ogburn and her 15 pupils were able to flee for protection, the country’s deadliest school shooting in over a decade.

She explained there was glass on the windowsill. She stayed and simply kept pulling kids out, and then the final two kids leaped out the window and they all simply ran. ‘Run, run, run,’ they kept saying.”

She can close her eyes and imagine him with his gun marching up to her school, and it scares her, but she told herself that she would not live in terror. That is something she wishes to do and teach her kids. “You cannot live in terror,” she explained.

Ogburn went on to say that in the days after the disaster, a number of parents have texted her to tell her that she is their hero.

“I’m not a hero in any sense,” she replied, crying. “However, I adore those kids.”

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spent the weekend visiting the close-knit but devastating neighborhood, comforting relatives of those lost.

When asked to “do something” by a bystander outside a Texas church, Biden said, “We will.” Biden emphasized the White House’s commitment to “putting this anguish into action” in a tweet made as he was departing Texas.

After as many as 19 cops waited 47 minutes before confronting the shooter, the Justice Department has initiated an inquiry.

According to reports, three individuals remain hospitalized at University Hospital in San Antonio following the incident, including a 10-year-old girl in critical state.