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Vegan Sues Family Next Door For BBQing Meat, Neighbors Plan ‘Community’ Gathering In Response.

Cilla Carden of Girrawheen went all the way to the Supreme Court, asking that her neighbors cease cooking grills, smoking, and playing ball in their own garden.

She said that she was sick of the scent of meat frying next door.

The cigarette smoke seeping into her yard, as well as the ruckus the youngsters created while playing basketball, irritated the massage therapist.

One neighbor took 9News into his property to demonstrate that he had prevented the kids from playing basketball and had removed the BBQ.

Carden filed a complaint with the State Administrative Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

It’s purposeful, that’s what she told the courts, it’s deliberate, she claimed.

Her complaint, though, was rejected by the Supreme Court Judge and the State Administrative Tribunal, and her plea for an appeal was granted.

She insisted on continuing to fight and returning to court as soon as possible.

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