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Vegan who drinks his own month-old URINE swears it’s ‘secret to eternal youth’

A vegan asserts his sister despises him since he drinks his own month-old pee and spreads it all over his face. ‘Open-minded’ Hampshire resident Harry Matadeen began swallowing his own waste in 2016 as he was ‘desperate to mend’ his mental health issues.

He said that his urine, which he drinks 200ml of every day, gave him a “new sense of serenity, calm, and determination” and healed him nearly instantly. And the 34-year-old, who occasionally cups his own stream and pours it over his face, claims it’s the secret to perpetual youth.

However, Mr Matadeen, who has authored books on the alleged health advantages of his practice, claims that his sister has disowned him due to his so-called urine treatment.

Urine, which is 90% water, is said to treat anything from autoimmune illnesses to chronic pain. However, doctors advise that there is no evidence that urophagia has any advantages. They claim that the practice, which is considered to have begun in ancient Egypt, causes dehydration and exposes drinkers to microorganisms.

Madonna, as well as singer Kesha, have previously claimed to consume pee.

Mr Matadeen began drinking pee six years ago after learning about its purported health advantages. He expressed that it was beyond his wildest imaginations how powerful it was when he drank it. It awakened his head and erased his sadness from the minute he drank the pee. He felt a new feeling of serenity, tranquility, and determination. He even thought he could make it for free and always maintain himself in this pleasant condition.

He previously said incorrectly that drinking pee can lower the chance of acquiring cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease, and strokes. Regardless of his claims of health advantages, Mr Matadeen has faced harsh criticism from family and friends.

He claimed that his family never supported it and felt it was horrible from the start. One of the reasons his sister doesn’t talk to him is because he participates in urine treatment. He picked all of his pals now, and they all either do or approve of aged fresh urine therapy. If they didn’t, he wouldn’t have them as pals — plain and simple.

Daily, Mr Matadeen drinks 200ml of largely one-month-old pee, which he supplements up with new urine and ‘not much else.’ He eats only one meal per day and adheres to an intermittent fasting diet.

Mr Matadeen added that fresh urine is never as horrible as one anticipates. It is neutral smelling and has no foul taste unless one is quite toxic. However, old pee is always stinky, and the taste is refined and acquired. Just know that it takes some getting accustomed to. He genuinely appreciates the smell and taste of his old urine now, because of the neuro-association of the advantages and delight it provides him once he drinks it.

He also massages urine into his skin, claiming that it has made him seem 10 years more youthful and is the way to ‘everlasting youth.’

He remarked that drinking the old urine has rejuvenated his face to its young years, and when he massages it on his face, the change is immediate and noticeable. His skin is fresh, delicate, and radiant. To yet, the finest skin food he discovered is aged urine. When you massage it on your skin, it softens and maintains it young and supple. Other than urine, he doesn’t use any other type of skincare. It is the key to everlasting youth. Sometimes, when no one is looking, he’ll cup his palm and sprinkle the fresh pee he is excreting over his face and rub it in. Urine treatment has completely transformed his life.

Dr Jeff Foster, a GP in Warwickshire, stated that urine is a waste product that comprises roughly 90% water. The remainder consists of ammonia and salts, as well as bacteria and other waste products. There are no known acknowledged health advantages to drinking or rubbing your own pee (or anybody else’s urine) on your body. Orally, it’s far worse, it can actually hasten dehydration and perhaps introduce germs. The bottom line is that if you wouldn’t consume or rub in your own feces, don’t imagine applying the same logic to pee is much healthier. There is a reason why waste items are waste.

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