A War Vet & Double Amputee Had His WheelChair Breakdown. The Whole Store Staff Decided To Help Him Out.

What do we do for our veterans? Have you met and done something to help one lately?
Michael Sulsona came home from the Vietnam War having lost both his legs, and has lived a harsh life since then. Yes, think Gary Sinise’s character in Forest Gump, First Lieutenant Dan Taylor.
While shopping in a Lowe’s retail outlet in Staten Island, NY, his wheelchair broke down, punctuating a desperate situation. He had waited two years for the Department of Veterans Affairs to issue him a new wheelchair, only to be told that he was not eligible to get one.
In that Lowe’s store, however, three compassionate and quick-thinking employees, who we know as David, Marcus, and Souleyman, made sure to move him to a separate chair, and took the trouble to fix the one he was using.
The incident truly shamed Veterans Affairs, who finally sent that spare immediately, but to Sulsona, the actions of those three strangers was far more generous, and far more meaningful to him.

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