Veteran Double Amputee Chases Truck Driving Dream.

Erin Schaefer, a U.S. Army veteran, lost both of his legs below the knee in a 2010 tour of Afghanistan. An IED exploded while he was part of a supply convoy. So many dark days followed him after that. He struggled with severe depression. But he managed to turn his outlook around.

While living in Christiana, Tennessee, Erin wanted to work through and overcome his disability to do something very important for himself. His dad was a trucker and he wanted to be one too.

Says Erin: “I just love the open road, being out there with the truck. Just myself and my thoughts.”

Working through the disability to drive a big truck will be a challenge, but Erin is up for it. He will only be able to drive an automatic because of his prosthetic legs. His instructors at Truck Driver Institute in Christiana give him a big thumbs up on motivation, and doing the right things behind the wheel. And for those who have similar disabilities, Erin urges them not to use that as limitations.

Says Erin: “Don’t let anybody tell you no. You can get out there and drive a truck. Whatever your handicap disabilities are, don’t let it limit you.”

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