Veteran Was Thankful To This Little Girl For Saving His Life.

7-year-old Aralyn had just been let out of school for spring break and was arriving home. She was so excited. She had already been making plans for what she was gonna do on that big vacation from school… all the fun things little girls her age could dream of. But as she was walking into her house, she noticed something very strange.

The dog from next door came running into her yard, but that was always followed by the man of the house, Carlos, chasing after it and getting it back home. This time, there was no Carlos chasing his dog. And Aralyn was concerned about that.

So the young girl walked over to her neighbor’s house to make sure that everything was all right. But it wasn’t. Far from it, actually. Carlos was lying unconscious near the door. Aralyn didn’t panic, though. Instead, she rushed back home to tell her mom, who immediately called 911. Carlos had had a seizure and was quickly taken to the hospital. He was expected to be just fine, and Aralyn’s mom, Jocelyn, beamed with pride at her daughter’s actions.

Says Jocelyn: “I’m very proud of her. She’s always been a good kid, always listens, always pays attention to her surroundings and what’s going on.”

And if it wasn’t for Carlos’ dog rushing out to Aralyn…. well, that’s something the family just doesn’t really want to think about. 

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