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VIDEO: Chicago Gang Drags Couple From Car, Shoots Them At Point-Blank Range

Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez, a Chicago-area couple, were leaving Humboldt Park on a Saturday night after the city’s annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade when they were attacked by a violent gang. When the couple left the celebrations and drove westbound, their car was surrounded, and it was all captured on tape.

Around 9 p.m., the gang assembled around the couple’s car at Division Street and Spaulding Avenue, right ahead of the joyful throng. Shots rang out. An unidentified man filmed the terror as it transpired while live-streaming footage to Facebook yet did not want to be recognized for fear of punishment. Be warned: it’s not easy to watch.

Shoots sounded out, individuals scrambled, and then a man pulled out a pistol and shot two individuals outside the sport-utility vehicle, after the violent group stormed the Latino couple’s car, which was waving a Puerto Rican flag. The clip shows him firing quick bullets and then fleeing, according to the article. According to police, the event began with a minor vehicle collision.

The pair was seen being pulled from the automobile and lying on the ground after being shot at point-blank range. The 24-year-old dad died of a gunshot wound to the head at AMITA Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center. His children’s mother was shot in the neck and was brought to Stroger Hospital of Cook County in a severe situation.

The culprits, who left the scene, were still at large the day after the shooting, when a monument for Gyovanny Arzuaga, lovingly known as “Gyo” by his loved ones, was erected at the location. “Rest in peace, Gyo,” it said. A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help the family. The day after it was established, it had collected more than $23,000 in donations.

CWBChicago published what is thought to be the last picture of the male victim with one of his kids two days after the incident. One may have seen the horrible footage of a man and lady being pulled from their car and shot yesterday evening, according to the post. A guy died, and a lady was badly injured. Gyovanny Arzuaga’s last photo on Facebook was uploaded recently. He was 24 years old. #Chicago

Yasmin Perez, like Gyovanny Arzuaga, died as a result of her wounds. It was stated in an update on a GoFundMe page put up for the couple’s medical and burial expenses. She battled valiantly the final several days, yet eventually decided it was time to join Gyo in paradise. They are all shocked and grieved since they leave behind two wonderful kids, Sofiya and Jayden.

The heinous killing of this young father and mother was one of two shootings near the Division Street crossing that tragic weekend, and one of a wave of shootings in Humboldt Park that saw 54 shot, 7 fatally, amid weekend violence across the city. A 25-year-old lady received a gunshot to the head and died at the scene in another incident. She and another victim were traveling in a car in the Ashburn neighborhood when they were hit by gunfire.

A 29-year-old male victim received gunshot wounds to the back and hand, as well as a grazing wound to the head. A youngster, whose age is unclear, was also in the car when a vehicle, described as a likely burgundy Dodge Durango, came up behind the victims’ vehicle and someone inside then fired bullets. Despite the fact that the infant was unharmed, they were sent to the hospital as a measure.

Donovan Price, a community organizer, said it was a “miracle” that no bullets struck the infant, but added, the youngster is going to be traumatized. Unfortunately, it appears that this is simply part of growing up in Chicago, where gun violence has reached epidemic proportions, with dozens of shootings in one weekend alone, despite some of the country’s strongest gun control regulations. “I’m terrified. I’m going out of town. “I’m moving,” said one Humboldt Park resident, who is concerned about her family’s safety in the city. Who could fault her after a weekend like this?

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