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VIDEO: Family Of Kidnapped Louisiana Woman Takes Justice Into Their Own Hands.

Scott Thomas kidnapped Bethany Arceneaux, 29, outside their son’s childcare facility, and pushed her into his vehicle before driving away. The father of Bethany’s kid snatched the terrified mom while their 2-year-old boy was in her vehicle. When Bethany’s family discovered what he had done, her abductor would learn the hard way that he had committed an enormous mistake.

After Thomas abducted the Duson, Louisiana, lady from the parking lot, leaving their son behind though uninjured, her family was frantic to reclaim her before it was too late. Then two days went by and Bethany remained missing. So they took matters into their own hands and did a daring rescue that cost Thomas his life in the fight that followed.

Bethany’s relatives got information that she was being kept in an abandoned home nearby after Thomas’ vehicle was discovered vacant. They called the cops, however, as they waited for them to arrive, a half-dozen family members gathered around the home and started searching the area on 4-wheelers. They realized there was no time to waste when they heard a woman’s cries emanating from a deserted home.

Hearing Bethany’s urgent calls for assistance, the family rushed the house, kicked down the door, and rushed inside, not realizing what they would discover. Bethany was bloodied and being stabbed by Thomas inside, but she was still alive. Thomas wouldn’t be able to say the same for much longer.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Cmdr. Kip Judice said that family members were strolling across a field with an abandoned property and heard a scream from within the residence. Those family members entered the residence and confronted Mr. Scott Thomas, who proceeded to hurt the victim. A fight broke out between the family member and Mr. Thomas at that moment.

Gunshots were fired during the conflict between Bethany Arceneaux’s family and Thomas, and Thomas was killed. Bethany, on the other hand, who had been stabbed numerous times, was evacuated from her home by her family and finally brought to a neighboring hospital in a stable state—owing to her family’s heroic acts.

Friends and relatives had interactions with both the victim and the suspect, according to Lafayette Police Cpl. Paul Mouton. At that moment, there was a clash. The victim was liberated during the confrontation.

They went in there and grabbed her. They slammed doors. According to Bethany’s brother Ryan Arceneaux, who rushed the home with Kaylyn Alfred, another of Bethany’s brothers, and other family members, it was like something out of a movie. She’s shaken up, she’s cut up, but she’s OK, Ryan stated, arguing that the acts were essential to preserve her life.

She is overjoyed. Following her niece’s miraculous rescue, Monica Arceneaux-Henry, Bethany and Ryan Arceneaux’s aunt, remarked, God is wonderful, while a relative called Dawnetta Roy, who characterized Bethany as a down-to-earth mom constantly wanting to assist people, recounted that Thomas was highly violent.

Roy said she was terrified of him. It seems to have been for a good purpose. Bethany Arceneaux had a protection order obtained against Thomas, and he had previously been jailed for breaking it. He had previously been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated fleeing from an officer.

He constantly threatened to murder them, Bethany said in her police report about Scott Thomas. He repeatedly placed a knife to her throat.Thomas had previously strangled her, pulled her by her hair, and kept her and her kid prisoner, she said.

Fortunately for Bethany, she had family members ready and eager to defend her when the legal system couldn’t. This tale may have ended very differently if it hadn’t been for her family. She is, thankfully, alive and well, and her experience, perhaps, will be a lesson to others. A piece of paper will not deter a maniac, but an armed loved one would.

Cmdr. Kip Judice of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office said that a SWAT team was sent to the site and that Thomas died as a result of injuries received during the altercation with Bethany Arceneaux’s family members. Judice went on to say that the family members who killed Thomas were supporting Bethany Arceneaux.

Judice remarked that one can only image how tumultuous the encounter was. The individual who intervened in Ms. Arceneaux’s defense is a relative, a close relative of hers. As a result, Judice assume his emotions were probably strong, and everyone’s levels were quite high.

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