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VIDEO: Multiple Thieves Try To Rob Man, But He’s A Retired Police Captain With A Gun And Wasn’t Afraid To Use It.

Ersie Joyner, a well-known former Oakland police captain, was the victim of an armed robbery in the Bay Area while filling petrol. Fortunately, the 28-year police veteran, recognized for developing a successful anti-violence program in the city, was able to repel the crooks who were trying the same sort of violent crime on him that he had worked for decades to eradicate, and it was all all on film.

Three criminals approach a guy at gunpoint at a Chevron gas station in West Oakland, as shown in the violent security footage that rapidly went viral online. Unknown to them, that guy is Ersie Joyner, and the former law enforcement officer was ready to protect himself, as they would soon discover the hard way.

The crooks seemed to approach the former police captain, demanding the keys to his car, as shown on security camera video. When one of the robbers unlocked the vehicle’s back door, Joyner reportedly thought enough was enough and brought out his weapon and fired fire. Joyner rushed around the pump and took aim at the others after hitting and killing one of the accused.

Sadly for him, one of the suspects was able to return fire, striking Joyner numerous times and knocking him down. As Joyner is seen crawling to safety, the two remaining offenders try to drag their partner into their vehicle. Seemingly understanding their attempts are futile, the two suspects abandon their injured companion and escape the area. The planned heist featured at least four perpetrators, as well as a getaway driver.

Officers arrived at the scene to discover Joyner and the downed suspect suffering from gunshot injuries after being notified to the incident by the city’s ShotSpotter system, which employs acoustic sensors to detect gunshots and warn law enforcement in real-time. The suspect was declared dead at the scene, however Joyner was still alive.

The former police captain, who had retired after almost three decades in law enforcement, was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in critical but stable condition. Joyner was legally allowed to carry a pistol, according to Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong.

During a press conference after the shooting, Armstrong denounced the episode as another another instance of the Bay Area being overrun by violent crime, citing major spikes in shootings, carjackings, and killings. This emphasizes the brutality that they’ve witnessed in this city this whole year. They have seen several horrific events. They’ve seen so many people die as a consequence of violence, Armstrong added. This once again demonstrates how daring those participating in this practice can be.

True bravery. These males approached their intended target in broad daylight at a petrol station, which was most likely equipped with security cameras. They were not intimidated by the light of day or the possibility of being caught on video. But it was a nice person with a gun who did it. The culprits fled like cockroaches as the subject of their aggression exercised his Second Amendment rights. This is precisely why so many law-abiding individuals in the United States have opted to arm themselves. When criminals have weapons, their potential victims have the right to protect themselves with equal ferocity.

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