Video Of A Father Teaching His Daughters Ballet In His Living Room Goes Viral.

Dads sometimes don’t get enough credit where credit is due, and here are 8 stories of dads doing some amazing dad things went viral.

1. A loving father donned a pink tutu and led his three young daughters in one of the funnest ballet lessons they will ever have.

He led the giggling little girls in twinkling their toes with spins and leaps and… laughs…and memories.

Hard to tell who among them had the most fun.

2. A couple of weeks ago, 29-year-old Antwon Lee took his two-month-old son to the doctor for shots and comforted him with the words “Stay strong” the entire time. It was tough, because Antwon had just lost his own father earlier in the day.

I felt his pain, wait till the end 😂

Posted by Antwon Lee on Thursday, 26 October 2017

Says Antwon: “It was very hard, but I know he felt the love because his daddy was there.”

3. 8-year-old Gabriel Marshall of Kansas had a surgery to remove a brain tumor. It left a nasty scar on the right side of his head. The young boy told his dad that he felt like a monster with that ugly scar.

So his father, Josh, had an exact duplicate of the scar tattooed on his own head.

Josh told his son: “If people want to stare, then they can stare at both of us.”

4. If any of you out there are fairly tall new parents or have back issues, you know how painful it can be to bend over to teach your kids to walk.

But 40-year-old Gerry Bell of Ontario, Canada, came up with a pretty darned good idea to help teach his 10-month-old son, Cayden, how to walk – he dangles a hulu hoop in front of him. Cayden latches onto it and starts steppin away.

5. How does someone teach their daughter how to walk in high heels…. she really wants to know…cause it’s weird! Well, dad to the rescue.

In Woodridge, Illinois, 6-year-old Saniya was struggling with her mom’s heels. So dad Eric Lewis reached down….uhhh… way WAY down… to find his inner diva, and taught his girl how to confidently strut in those crazy heels.

6. In Florida, single father Philippe Morgese had to learn how to style his young daughter Emma’s hair.

At first, it was just clips, then it progressed to buns and braids. He got SO good at it that he started offering classes to other dads so they too could bond with their daughters by fixing their hair.

The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory is a class taught by him every Wednesday at the International Academy in Daytona, Florida.

7. Deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan took a toll on Kevin Ivey’s marriage. The single father then joined the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. But with little money, he and his son had to live in his truck in the Texas A&M parking lot.

By doing so, Kevin was expecting trouble… especially when campus officers knocked on his window. But, instead, the officers, who were veterans, paid for a hotel room for Kevin and his son and even put down a deposit on an apartment for them.

Says one of the officers: I’ll be damned if I let another veteran… go in need without me trying to do whatever I can to help them.”

8. When the budget is tight, parents often sacrifice things for themselves in order to take care of their children. A poor single father in the Philippines is no different.

A very scrawny Ryan Arebuabo took his two daughters to a popular fast-food restaurant and sat to watch them eat, being able to only afford enough food just for them.

Ryan suffered a stroke a few years ago and his wife left him. Now, he and his daughters live in a tiny shack.

He makes only about $3 a day from his small cart. But, as a father, he does everything he can to take care of his little girls, his pride and joy.

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