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Violent Felon Breaks Into Elementary School, Races Toward Kids— 3 Teachers Take Action

Rachel Davis, a kindergarten teacher at Inglewood Elementary School in Nashville, grew worried as her pupils were walking in from the playground and she observed a strange man standing around outside the fence. Her hunch was confirmed when the building’s door opened to let the youngsters enter.

The man vaulted the 4-foot chain link fence and rushed for the open door as soon as he noticed it, Davis said. Worrying for her kids, the teacher tried to stop him with her body. Another instructor overheard her cries at that point.

Thomas rushed to assist, advising the youngsters to flee for their life. Shay Patton, a bookkeeper, heard the ruckus and saw Davis assault the man while Thomas attempted to hold him back.

The three ladies fought the invader, who was eventually identified as 33-year-old Onreka Gray, together. The suspect has a significant criminal record, involving convictions for criminal trespass, aggravated robbery, attack on a police officer, and attack with a lethal weapon.

The teachers worked together to subdue Gray and place him in a holding cell until the cops came. Nonetheless, the guy made frantic attempts to escape.

The women afterwards reflected on the situation. Despite effectively restraining the guy, they questioned what might have occurred if he had a weapon.

The ladies have been praised as heroes for putting their lives in danger to protect their kids. Thankfully, after pushing his way inside the premises, the guy did not make it down the corridor. That was ensured by the teachers.

To safeguard pupils, teachers should not have to participate in hand-to-hand battles with dangerous offenders. The security at this school, and many others around the country, is inadequate in comparison to the worth of the valuable cargo they hold.

More than a higher fence should be erected around our children’s schools. Instead of feeding the wallets of political leaders who promise reform yet fail to deliver, our taxpayers should fund armed protection at every school in the country.

Thank you teachers for being the angels for these kids.

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