Vogue Compares Amber Heard Memes to a ‘Modern-Day Witch Trial’

Amber Heard memes have been flooding the Internet since the start of the Johnny Depp defamation trial. As a result, Depp is receiving a lot of positive news, while Heard is receiving a lot of negative press across all social media channels. Some, meanwhile, are putting the Heard memes to disgrace, referring to the case as a “modern-day witch trial.”

Each day, new content emerges from the live-streamed defamation lawsuit on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are just a handful of the venues where people are slamming Heard with case-related memes. They are also targeting her legal staff as a result of repeated gaffes.

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Heard eventually sacked her prior PR team in order to employ a new one in the hopes of reducing some of the unfavorable news. Fans of Johnny Depp keep on defending him, however the Heard memes keep pouring. However, certain people are taking a position and going against mainstream views.

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Raven Smith’s opinion piece in Vogue, titled “Why It’s Time to Believe Amber Heard,” is gaining traction throughout the world. He doesn’t downplay the severe allegations made in both Depp and Heard’s testimony, but he does take aim at the Heard memes, like #AmberTurd.

Smith cited the London High Court, which judged charges against Depp’s position as a “wife-beater” to be “basically accurate.”

Several of the Heard memes are “misogynist,” according to the writer, since they make fun of her appearance. Smith ignored the trial itself, instead concentrating on “battering via social media,” referring to it as a “modern-day witch hunt.”

“It’s time to believe women–all women,” he said in his piece. It’s time to trust Heard. Depp was accused of assaulting his ex-wife in British courts. “What’s holding the rest of us back?”

Twitter, on the other hand, proceeds to criticize Smith for his opinion post, claiming that he hasn’t seen the slander trial. Some people acknowledge that some of the Heard memes went too far, but this does not establish her innocence. Nonetheless, Smith noted in the essay that the world would likely never know what happened in their connection.

Nevertheless, a Reddit discussion takes a different stance on the matter. Many people stated that Depp and Heard’s public relations staff are working hard to obtain headlines that are favorable to their clients. They did, however, cite a High Court judgement in London as a cause to trust Heard and condemn the memes.

The Depp and Heard defamation trial has clearly sparked a lot of passionate debate on social media. The vast majority of social media users, however, keep spreading Heard memes and defend Depp.

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