Waiter’s Kindness Touches Million Of Hearts All Around The World.

I recall the saying, “A man never stands so tall, as when he stoops to help a child.” That can also be said of some very kind-hearted workers in the restaurant industry, and here are 8 stories of servers who fed their customers.

1. In Georgia, at a Mexican restaurant, 22-year-old Alex Ruiz waits tables. One day, a man came in and he was very hungry, and ordered some food. But there was a problem. The man had no hands, and he asked if someone would be kind enough to help him.

Alex, a short distance away when the man was speaking, didn’t waste a second, and he was quickly at the man’s table. He asked other servers to keep an eye on his tables so he could help this customer. And as the two sat across from each other chatting about life… its good times and its bad… Alex fed the man for more than 30 minutes, until he was finished with his meal.

After the man paid for his meal, he gave Alex a tip, but Alex would not accept it, because his biggest tip that day was finding a new friend.

2. In South China, a 71-year-old man was taking a flight, but he had recently had a stroke and was unable to grip his spoon for the in-flight meal.

A flight hostess, Fan Xuesong, could see he was having extreme difficulty eating, so she bent down, took the spoon from him, and fed him his dinner.

The man was so taken by her kindness that he began to cry. She comforted him throughout the meal, and when he was finished, she had him transferred to the front of the plane, in first class, so she could better take care of him.

3. Joe Thomas had been a waiter at the IHOP in Springfield, Illinois, for 10 years. A husband and wife were regulars there and the husband always took time out from eating his meal to feed his disabled wife.

But last March, Joe thought there’s no sense in him letting his meal get cold to feed her, so Joe offered to do it himself.

Says Joe: “I am out there to help anyone if I can, don’t really look for anything in return, just have a good day and that’s it.”

4. At a McDonald’s restaurant in Taiwan, a 19-year-old worker there noticed a customer was having a problem using his hands to eat his sandwich. That worker then offered to help feed the young man and he showed a lot of love and patience as he did.

This posted photo of him feeding the man received more than 30,000 likes.

5. A wheelchair-bound man, named Ray, was having communication trouble ordering an ice cream dessert at a restaurant called Wimpy’s in Cape Town, South Africa.

But 26-year-old waiter, Vincent Mota, stepped in and was able to guide him to understand what he wanted. Vincent then sat down with Ray and fed him the dish, since he could not grip the spoon. After a few bites, he would wipe Ray’s face clean, and after the dessert, Ray gave Vincent a hug to show his appreciation.

After someone posted about Vincent’s act of kindness, which gained a lot of attention on social media, his employer honored him by giving him a shopping voucher and even made a generous donation to the Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled.

6. In Little Rock, Arkansas, Dallas and her family stopped at an Olive Garden for dinner after a really rough day. Her 4-month-old daughter, Ellee, was sick and they had just come from the hospital, where the little girl tested positive for E.coli.

Dallas was obviously distraught about it and had trouble making her little girl a bottle, eventually spilling it all over the place. When it was cleaned up and she had made another bottle, her waiter, Rob Davis, brought the family their salads and some breadsticks. Then, Rob offered to feed the little girl while the family ate their meals.

Dallas was amazed by his kindness, as he took her little girl’s bottle and held it to feed her.

Says Dallas: “He just stepped in and took care of us. It was just amazing for a stressed-out mom.”

7. His name is Five. That’s what he goes by and that’s what everyone knows him by. Five. Well, Five is a waiter at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s one of the two jobs he works, when he not taking classes at the local college. Humble guy. Doesn’t like attention. But sometimes, when he does what he does, that attention can’t really be avoided.

One day, Lee and his mom, Linda, came into the oyster bar and Linda started feeding her son, who has cerebral palsy. And even though Five was busy with other customers, he didn’t want Linda’s meal to get cold, so he asked some other workers to cover for him, while he took over the feeding chore from Linda so she could enjoy her meal while it was hot.

Linda took some photos of Five feeding Lee and it got a lot of attention on social media. And now, many people recognize him when he’s out and about. And he’s received letters from all over the world. And it’s all been a little overwhelming for the shy, humble guy who tries to avoid the spotlight. But, as you can see, doing kind deeds doesn’t always go unnoticed.

8. Rush hour in Chicago. Well, it doesn’t get much crazier than that. People rushing in and out wanting this and that in an instant. They can’t slow down. But one day, at that busy-busy time, an elderly man in a wheelchair entered a McDonald’s and tried to communicate what he wanted and what he would need help with.

At first, the cashier could not understand him, but finally, the cashier realized what he wanted to eat and the help he needed. He needed help eating the meal. So this cashier – at one of the busiest restaurants in one of the busiest cities at the busiest time of day – shut down his register, went over to the man’s table, and helped him to eat his meal.

A woman named Destiny snapped the photo of the cashier doing this and posted it online.

Says Destiny: “This employee, who put everything on hold for this man, went above and beyond his responsibilities to help this handicapped customer out. That was the kindest and most humble thing I had ever seen.”

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