Waitress Gets A Life Changing Tip Which Amounted To Be $30,000.

Melissa Mainier had a lifelong dream, and that was to become a nurse, so she could help others. She believed good, hard work would get her there, but she just seemed to always be overwhelmed by debt. I think we ALL know how THAT feels.

But she kept at it, kept working long and hard at the Peachtree restaurant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to try to pay off those college loans. It was just so much she couldn’t seem to get out from under it.

Ben Olewine knew all about hard work; he was in his 90s and knew what it took to make a good living. He had built a multi-million dollar wholesale food distribution center, and finally sold it to Sysco Corporation. He often ate at the Peachtree, and he enjoyed his time there with the workers and customers, without playing up his sizeable bank account… one that funded many local projects.

Melissa Mainer and Benjamin Olewine

One day, when Melissa mentioned to Ben about her dream of being a nurse, but that her back was against the wall with debt, Ben told her he wanted to help her, and he would do that by paying off her entire college loan.

Melissa could not believe what she was hearing… thought he was joking. He actually had to tell her three times that he wasn’t joking, and to bring in that bill so he could pay if for her. And Ben took care of it… all $30,000 of it.

And soon, she got her very first nursing job. It was at the Benjamin Olewine Spine, Bone and Joint Institute.

Now… how about that? 

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