Waitress Serves Grumpy Senior For Years, When He Suddenly Vanishes, She Gets A Wild Call

Good deeds are always rewarded — sometimes in the most unexpected ways — and I think this story definitely proves it!

Melina Salazar of the Luby restaurant in Brownsville Texas patiently, professionally and pleasantly served a very difficult customer named Walter “Buck” Swords.

Walter, an 89 year old gentleman, was mostly grumpy and disgruntled every day for 7 years while he came the restaurant. And no one but Melina was glad to see him and always made Walter feel comfortable. But one day, everything changed. Walter didn’t show up at his usual time for his usual meal. It wasn’t long before Melina got the sad news – Walter had passed away.

The next day, a lawyer showed up at the restaurant looking for Melina. The lawyer informed her that his client had shared with him how for all those years he very much looked forward to his regular restaurant visits — and that was because of how warm and friendly his waitress was.

Walter was so fond of the kind waitress, he’d in fact left her part of his inheritance: USD $50,000 and a car. Melina couldn’t hold back the tears.

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