Waitress Was Confused With The Customer’s Response When Offered A Free Pint Of Beer.

Source: Not Always Right

I’m having some drinks with friends in a small, local pub. My cider comes in a very pretty, engraved glass, which I accidentally knock over and break during the evening. There was barely any drink left in it.

Me: *Waving to a waitress* “Excuse me? I broke my glass.”

Waitress: “Oh, I’ll get you a new pint.”

Me: “No, I’d just like a towel or something to clean this up; I don’t want to get small bits of glass everywhere.”

Waitress: “Don’t worry; I’ll get you a new pint. On the house.”

Me: “But I was already finished. I just want to clean up the mess I made.”

The waitress is looking at me somewhat dumbfounded.

Waitress: “You don’t want a new drink?”

Me: “Not necessarily. I might order one later on. I just want to clean the table.”

I do drink some more pints, and when it’s time to pay:

Me: “And how much was the glass I broke?”

Waitress: “Your pint was 3,80€.”

Me: “Yes, I had three pints, but I also broke a glass.”

The waitress looks confused.

Me: “I’d like to pay for the glass I broke. They look pretty expensive as a special edition.”

Waitress: “You want to pay… for a broken glass?”

Me: “Well, it’s a loss on your side, isn’t it? I should make up for it.”

The waitress had to go and ask the barkeeper, who’d been watching us for a while. He actually gave me one of the glasses as a gift for being a nice patron. Kind of the opposite of what I wanted to do, but I sure love my pretty pint glass!

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