Walmart Manager’s Kindness Goes Viral After Seeing His Customer Buy Supplies For Victims.

Natural disasters are horrible, but sometimes, they can bring out the best in people.

Shelli Tench, of Garner, North Carolina, had dropped off some water and diapers at a high school there which was now acting as a shelter to help those displaced in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Workers there thanked her and told her they were in need of t-shirts and underwear for those affected by the hurricane.

So off Shelli went to her local Walmart, planning to spend about $50 for those items. She asked for a manager so she could tell him what she needed, hoping to get a slight discount so her money could stretch a little further. But she got something far beyond a discount.

When she told manager Jeff Jobes what she was doing, he got one of his associates to go with Shelli and fill up a shopping cart FULL of t-shirts and underwear. And the bill… was on him.

That shopping cart carried $1,250 worth of t’s and undies to the register, and Jeff, indeed, took care of it. Shelli now had 254 items of clothing for the evacuees. But, the kindness of the Walmart manager was not done.

The very next day, Jeff texted Shelli and asked if she needed anything else. So she drove to the shelter and found out they were in need of fruit, Ensure, Boost and Gatorade.

She texted that to Jeff and he responded: “Give me 30 minutes and come see me.”

When she arrived, Jeff and his assistant had pulled together several cases of apples, oranges and bananas. They also gave Shelli cases of Ensure, Boost, Gatorade and Cliff bars, along with pastries, bread and cookies.

Shelli’s van was completely loaded. Ya know, I will sometimes hear negative things about Walmart, and some of the people who work there. But you can’t always believe things you hear. A Walmart manager named Jeff just proved that. 

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