Watching These Puppies Frolic on a GoPro Camera Will Brighten Up Your Day

This video has the perfect angle to catch this action, and why would it not get it right? It was taken on a GoPro. These daschund puppies have an incredibly low center of gravity, but that isn’t stopping them from frolicking around in this bright and sunny day. As taken by this GoPro, you can see them make a mad dash for the outdoors, running across the grass and towards the bright beautiful sun. They jump around too, as much as they can, and even eat the flowers.

The video maker knew how to set the mood exactly right, too. The whole thing is set to the classic theme that perfectly captures the energy and joy of the moment; the Russian Dance, from the Nutracker.

Makes you wish you had a small pack of puppies, doesn’t it? And maybe a GoPro too.

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