What This Retired Old Woman Does For Stray Cats Is Inspiring.

Many people love animals. But you have to do more than love them if you want to save them from a bad fate, and here are 10 stories of people who have dedicated their lives to saving animals.

1. Yildiz is 71 years old and lives in Turkey, and her retirement check goes mostly to take care of all the cats she comes across, and she’s been helping them for the past 20 years.

Every week, Yildiz will rescue around five cats, taking injured and starving ones to the vet for treatment. She wants to save as many as she can, and during the time she has been doing this, she estimates she has helped nearly 5,000 felines get healthy again.

2. Most people are dog lovers or cat lovers, but in Liberal, Missouri, Deanna Kafka does her best to help and save many neglected donkeys. She actually refers to them as the dogs of the horse world.

Deanna operates a donkey rescue center in Liberal, saving the animals from kill pens and taking charge of them from owners who can no longer care for them.

Deanna works to make them healthy and will usually find new homes for them. Her only regret is that she didn’t start doing it sooner.

3. Linda Tucker is on a mission. She wants to save as many white lions as she possibly can. And she’s now dedicated her life to doing it.

Before taking this on, Linda had a great career working as a marketing executive in Paris. But after learning that the white lions were becoming extinct, she quit her job and took on the responsibility to try hard to change that. And, hopefully, she will.

4. In Breadalbane, Scotland, Yogi Fell runs the Handibear Hills Horse Sanctuary. It’s a haven for horses to live out their final years free from pain or fear. And she runs it all on her meager pension.

Within the sanctuary, Yogi runs the Trailblazers Horse Club, which teaches youngsters how to ride, care for and train horses and ponies.

Says Yogi of her horses: “This is their forever home, and if we don’t go out and care for them who will?”

5. Leanne Lauricella wants to make the world a better place by rescuing baby goats. If it wasn’t for Leanne, many of the little critters would have already been euthanized. But she knows they all deserve a chance to live.

One baby goat was born with a hole in its heart, so Leanne carried it through the snow to a cardiologist. She was told it only had a few weeks to live unless Leanne could find a pediatric heart surgeon willing to operate on the goat.

After posting about it on Instagram, it only took a few hours before a surgeon agreed to do it. Leanne says she will do what she can to save any of them.

6. 20 years ago, Mary Hutton rescued her first bear. And she’s been doing it ever since, even at such a personal cost to her. She wants to save all bears that are caged and malnourished… and mistreated.

She wanted to free the bears of China, so she got signatures… 130,000 of them… and took them to her government. Then Mary worked to get three sunbears out of Cambodia and into Australia.

In doing this, her son was struck and killed by a car. But she never gave up, and the bears were released. She has raised money to free other bears. She also gives talks to schools raising awareness of the bear trade.

Says Mary: “It is especially important when young students are involved because they are the ones who can pick up the cause and use their knowledge and passion to improve the plight of bears and other threatened species.”

7. Hannah Shaw of Washington, D.C., fosters abandoned newborn kittens that would otherwise end up dead. She has saved hundreds of kittens from that fate over the past eight years.

Hannah knew she had to do more after rescuing her first kitten, Coco, and raising her on her own. While she was a teacher in her early 20s, she would sneak kittens into the classroom in her shirt, and feed them in a bathroom so no one knew she even had them.

After she quit teaching, she started rescuing the kittens full time.

8. Way back in 1963, Dian Fossey cleared out all of her savings, took a bank loan and headed to Africa. She met up with some photographers and they took her on a journey where they took pictures of gorillas.

Dian was intrigued by them and returned a few years later. She learned the gorilla population was declining from poaching, and she wanted to save them. Dian connected with them, saying they were actually gentle and had strong family bonds.

The gorillas trusted her and let her into their world, and in 1983, she published the famed book, “Gorillas In The Mist,” which was later made into a movie.

Sadly, Dian was murdered in December of 1985, a few week before her 54th birthday. Police believe poachers were responsible, but no one has been arrested.

9. Since 1977, Dr. Daphne Sheldrick has worked to stop the illegal poaching of elephants for their ivory. She and her husband, David, started efforts to rescue the elephants in Nairobi, and when he died of a heart attack, Daphne continued on, establishing the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, devoted to helping the animals.

Many baby elephants are left orphaned when their mothers are killed for their tusks, and if it wasn’t for Daphne’s help, many of those babies would have died. When they are old enough, they are taken to a relocation center 200 miles away.

Says Daphne: “The caring and nurturing is far greater in elephants than it is in humans, and loyalty and friendship endures.”

10. In Richmond, Virginia, Barbara Kuklock saves lives… animal lives. She takes them from kill shelters and delivers them to rescue locations all throughout the state.

She has done this most of her life, and to date, Barbara’s efforts have saved the lives of more than 2,000 animals, and her mission is to save many more.

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