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When You See What This Cat Learned To Do, You Will Be Amused And Surprised

Who says cats can’t be trained? When you see what this cat learned to do, you will be amused and surprised. Most cat owners don’t go beyond teaching cats where to go, but this tabby from Malaysia has an hear for music. Her owner gestures for the traditional Malaysian song Tepuk Amai Amai, and on command, she does the face and claps her front paws together.

The cat even does the face, closing her eyes so that it looks like she’s smiling. And she really claps her front paws while reclining, as if they were her hands. What does it all mean? Maybe we should give cats more credit than we do. We know they’re smart, but they don’t get trained as much as dogs or even dolphins.

This video shows they have the potential, and they know how to act to their owner’s satisfaction. Maybe you should try to train your house cat, just to see what happens.

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