Why A Random Act Of Kindness Meant So Much To This Dad.

Kevon Smith went into a Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Willoughby, Ohio with his 3-month-old son, Kevon Jr. And there was this older couple in the corner who just kept staring at him and smiling. He finally looked at his son and asked “What is going on?”

A short time later, after the meal, he and his son walked out to his car and found a note on the windshield. Inside that note was a $20 bill. And the note said: “We need more black dads like you. Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends. Keep doing what you’re doing.” And it was signed, The Masons.

Kevon was stunned, but thrilled all the same that someone would point that out to him. When he posted about it, he was contacted by Cleveland 19’s news and gave an interview about being a father. Kevon, himself, had grown up without a dad.

Says Kevon: “It’s great for me to be able to do this, and do it the right way ― be there for him. And I know when he gets older, I’ll still be there for him.”

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