Why These People Are Paying To Teach Their Cats This Trick.

Pets typically aren’t born knowing how to react to human commands… like fetch… roll-over… play dead. You have to train them.

Some animals you can train to give you a handshake. But it’s seldom where an animal will actually give you a high-five… even if it comes from down pretty low. The Cat Pawsitive program, however, does just that… training felines to give their owners high-fives, as well as doing some other nifty tricks.

The positive-reinforcement training is done by rescue workers, hoping the tricks will help tilt the odds in their favor of adoption. Learning these tricks also helps the cats bump up their confidence and decreases their stress levels.

Rescue workers say shy cats that learn how to do high-fives will help them to open up, while on the other hand for the more aggressive cats, it helps them learn to play gently.

The training has caught on so well, that now there is a National High Five Day Shelter contest. So… high-five for that!

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