Why This Kid Was In Tears When His Mom Surprised Him.

When it comes to surprises, a special trip to a fun destination can rank pretty high, and here’s a story where a mom didn’t tell her son where they were going until they arrived at the airport.

It was a dreary and cold Michigan morning as Alethea drove her young son to the airport. A pretty boring drive, really, especially for a youngster who much preferred a little more excitement in his life. But Alex, who has Down Syndrome, was about to learn that boring trips can turn exciting in a heartbeat.

While still in the car after arriving at the airport, Alethea handed Alex two plane tickets, with the destination of Orlando, Florida on them. The youngster was puzzled… couldn’t figure out why they would be going to such a place. Then, he had an idea. He looks over to his mom and asks… “Disney??” Alethea said yes, that they were flying out to Disney that day and mom had everything already taken care of.

She posted the video of Alex to Facebook and it quickly went viral.

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Posted by Alethea Jo, Writer on Monday, 7 January 2019

And, judging from the photos, both Alex and his mom MUST have had a magical time.

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