Why This Man Wanted To Meet His Wife ONE LAST TIME.

David Mason has been married to his wife, Sylvia, for the past 66 years. But now they are in separate nursing homes in the United Kingdom because of specific medical needs, and they certainly miss each other. 

David has terminal cancer, and is being treated for it at his nursing home, while Sylvia has dementia and is being treated for that at her nursing home. David, now at 90, realizes that time is running out for both of them. But he has one final request… that he can kiss Sylvia one last time. That just broke the hearts of practically everyone working at his nursing home.

Says Natalie Fitch, the activities coordinator at David’s nursing home: “I went and sat down with David and he was saying how much he misses his wife and that he’d love to spend time with her and have one last kiss with her. So we rang the family and the care home where she was staying and went to pick his wife up for the date.”

So the staff was bound and determined to make David’s wish come true. And after being apart for the past six months, David finally got to see his true love once again. David gave Sylvia a bunch of heart balloons and held her hand.

Adds Natalie: “He was so happy when she was wheeled through the door. He went ‘surprise!’ And went to give her a kiss. They were telling each other how much they love and miss each other and he passed her the love heart balloons. We were all blubbering in reception.”

After the tearful reunion, the staff wheeled both David and Sylvia into the nursing home’s cinema room, where they watched a World War II movie and enjoyed each other’s company.

Says Natalie: “They kept talking to each other and kissing during the film. He’s such a lovely man. He kept telling me how much he adores her and that she’s been his wife for 66 years.”

It was a beautiful day for both David and Sylvia. And the nursing home staff sure enjoyed it too.

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