Why This Neighborhood Celebrated Christmas Early For This 2-Year-Old Boy.

Neighbors… just how much do you know about yours? Are they good neighbors…. or the bad kind?

Christmas, of course, is a very special time for so many. But for one little boy near Cincinnati, Ohio, it does not look like he’s going to see another Christmas in his very young life.

2-year-old Brody Allen has a rare form of brain cancer, and doctors have only given him 2 months more to live. It’s not likely he will be here this Christmas. So every minute with him… every second… is precious for his parents. They have already decorated their home for the holidays and are having a very early Christmas for their young son.

Brody’s energy is deteriorating, and he’s lost the use of his left arm and leg. His family hopes the early Christmas will lift his spirits, but, as much as little Brody is going through, its awful hard on them too, as you can imagine. His biggest thrill now is being pulled around his neighborhood in his little red wagon. And because all of the family neighbors wanted to help, there are inflatable Minnie and Mickey mouses, a snowman, a Santa Claus. And one neighbor’s yard has a Christmas tree. The entire neighborhood has been decorated very early for the holidays… just for Brody.

The hospital caring for Brody actually paid medical bills that Medicaid did not cover, as specialists there gave him the most aggressive chemotherapy treatment they possibly could. They were dealing with four tumors inside his brain. But it just didn’t take, so little Brody is dying. Now all of young Brody’s neighbors are working together to give the little boy the best possible Christmas he could have.

Even one neighbor, who speaks only Spanish, immediately took down her fall decorations and put up snowflakes, poinsettias, garland and lights. The community is even wanting to have a parade for Brody, with Santa Claus in a fire truck, carolers and superheroes.

Says Amanda Beckman: “We needed to get involved because he lives in our neighborhood. We just wanted to do something to make this really special for them, because they are going through a hard time.”

Amanda added that everyone she knows WANTS to be a part of this. All for Brody and his family.

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