Why This Pregnant Woman Awarded Him With A “Decent Dude” Statue On The Subway.

Yvonne Lin would always ride the subway in New York… often standing up. And when she became noticeably pregnant, she created what she called “a silly little card” that she would give to the first man who offered her his seat. The card would let him know that he was a truly decent person.

Plenty of women – mostly Latino women or black women – offered her their seats, but she was actually holding out for that man… that one man who would rise above the rest – literally – and offer her the comfort of his seat… because she was pregnant, and it was the gentlemanly thing to do.

But Yvonne went through all those days pregnant with no man offering her his seat. How very sad. When Yvonne got pregnant again, and was still taking the subway, she decided to keep this little social experiment going. But this time, she had a little 7-inch bronze statuette created and carried it in her backpack. It was basically the Hulk ripping his shirt off. The trophy’s wording said: “Number 1 Decent Dude. First man to offer subway seat to pregnant woman throughout two pregnancies.”

Then, finally, it happened. A man sitting near her was playing on his Smartphone and glanced up at Yvonne holding onto a pole in the subway car. And he looked a little embarrassed. He immediately stood up and said to Yvonne, “Please take this seat. I just noticed.”

Yvonne happily sat down, got into her backpack and pulled out her special trophy. And, with a smile, she handed it to him. Unfortunately, Yvonne did not get his name. But she Did snap a photo of him with his new award.

She is hoping her little experiment raises the bar for all New Yorkers on how they treat each other… whether they’re pregnant or not.

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