Why This Teacher REFUSES To Take Presents On Christmas.

It’s that time of year when giving is a pretty big deal. Giving… that’s the key word, and here’s a story of how one teacher plans to give.

Like a lot of other people, Christmas is teacher Kate McLaughlin’s favorite time of the year. But she doesn’t plan on having a lot of presents under her tree this year. Instead, she is asking the parents of all of her students – students who would normally bring in a gift to their teacher – to make donations that will go toward supplies for the local food bank.

Kate, who teaches at Newark Primary School in Port Glasgow, Scotland, said by doing this, she hopes to teach her students the value of social responsibility.

Says Kate: “This is about teaching the children the spirit of giving and kindness… If you would still like to give me something, then a handmade Christmas card would be perfect!”

And all the parents? They’re applauding Kate’s idea. Kate plans to send a blank envelope home with each student so an anonymous donation can be made.

Added Kate: “Last year I was totally overwhelmed and felt quite emotional. I don’t need gifts – it’s not why I do the job.” “People struggle at Christmas time. Where does it stop? It puts a lot of stress on parents that they don’t need. And that’s not in the spirit of Christmas.” 

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