Why This Woman Donated Her Kidney To Ex-Husband 20 Yrs After Divorce.

Let’s say you’ve divorced your spouse… and it’s been awhile. How many of you out there would give an organ if that ex’s life depended on it. Hmmmmm??? and here’s a story where a man and a woman have a new, strong bond even 20 years after their divorce.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, Bill and Mary Henrichs decided to call it quits after 22 years of marriage. But, in doing so, they both promised that they would still get along and not make any attempts at tearing each other down. They both knew how nasty a divorce could be on a person… especially when kids, which they had… were involved. They were not going to allow that to happen to THEM.

That was 20 years ago. Bill even got remarried in that time to a woman named Linda, and Mary had no problem accepting her in her ex-husband’s life and their children’s lives. But awhile back, Bill was diagnosed with kidney failure. He needed a new one, or his future would be a lot darker.

Only a few people actually volunteered to see if they were a match. They were not. And then, Mary… Bill’s ex-wife… got tested to see if SHE was a match. And she was.

Says Mary in her admitted “I told you so” moment: “One of our issues when we were married is I’m super-athletic and into health and fitness and wellness and this guy wasn’t. So I was going to remind you… Aren’t you glad?”

And, indeed, Bill WAS glad, because his ex-wife was able to give him a new chance at a good life.

Adds Mary: “I was thrilled to be able to do it. To do it for, not just him, but for my kids and for Linda, everybody.”

And, with that, I would say that Mary is a pretty remarkable person.

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