Why This Woman Returned $17,000 Found In A Coat Pocket.

Sometimes in life, our character is tested. Just how good is yours?

Guadalupe Reesor goes through old, donated clothes at the Resale Shop in Richardson, Texas. She checks the clothes to make sure they don’t have any stains or holes and are in reasonably good shape. But one day last year, she discovered something in some donated clothes that she certainly never expected. It was $17,000.

Now, if you or I had come across something like this in our regular jobs, we would really be tested. Should we turn it in and hope that the owner comes back for it. Or would we pocket it and be $17,000 richer? I gotta admit… that’s an AWFUL lot of money and I would probably be tested to my limits. I would think about it, for sure, and maybe weigh the options. And then I would probably think I’m a real slimeball for even CONSIDERING such a thing. It would definitely make many of us think.

But when Guadalupe found the money in the pocket of a black pea coat, she didn’t even think about it. The money, in 50 dollar and 100 dollar bills, was inside four envelopes in the coat’s pocket.


Says Cathy Barker, chief operating officer at Jewish Family Service: “It was something any non-profit organization could definitely use. But that wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Fortunately, one of the envelopes had some writing on it and the shop executives were able to use it to track down the person who donated the coat.

It was a 78-year-old widow named Sheri. The coat had belonged to her late husband, who died earlier in the year. Sheri did not know about the money her husband had put there. And, as it happens, Sheri was facing some rough financial issues after burying her husband.

But the shop ladies, with their find, made sure her financial woes would disappear. And isn’t that just the way it should be? I mean… honestly….

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