Wife Is Baffled When Husband Chooses To Eat Female Coworker’s Food Instead Of The Dinner She’s Made

Being in a meaningful relationship entails more than just getting to know each other well. It’s about bonding on a deep personal level, connecting your life objectives, and motivating your spouse to achieve their dreams and overcome their concerns. Unfortunately, not every relationship accomplishes these goals. A lady shared her tale and asked if she overreacted when her husband brought home a dinner prepared by his female coworker. Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

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My husband (Jesse, 31) has been bringing home meals that his female coworker (Nelly) cooks for him. Now I’m not the best cook and Jesse’s made it clear but he still eats what I cook everyday.

What I noticed with Nelly was that she tends to take every opportunity to point out how weak and tasteless my cooking is. Jesse would say nothing except steer the conversation towards something else they both relate too while I’m sitting there wallowing in my misery thinking about what she said..(also she once asked what was another chore I was good at and Jesse said ironing his suits, she in response joked about having him send her a suit of his so he could see how good she is at ironing too. I rolled my eyes hard but at least Jesse agreed that was weird)

Last week…..Jesse came home with a new meal she cooked. I told him I already cooked dinner and asked what he was going to do with the meal. He told me he was going to eat it for dinner. Ngl I was getting a bit irritated and he must’ve had noticed because he said he promised Nelly he’d eat her for dinner, and that she asked him to take a pic of the “empty plate” later to confirm that he’d actually eaten it.

I was baffled….like completely baffled at this. I told him one thing and one thing only, told him that if he chose to eat Nelly’s meal over the dinner I cooked then THIS would be the LAST time I cook for him. He started moaning about how I was being unfair and putting him in a rough place. He stalled and didn’t give a clear answer til I saw him walk past me later when I set the table and prepared dinner. And put her meal in the microwave. I felt so awful, I almost cried. I then told him that from now on out I won’t cook for him anymore since he made his choice. I obviously pissed him off because he went off on me calling me childish and pathetic to make this about my “ego”. I got up from my chair and told him I owed him NOTHING and that he made his decision and so did I.

He snapped and said that this was ridiculous and that Nelly……was just doing a nice thing for him whereas my behavior was disgraceful and disgusting.

He then went into the bedroom and I rushed after him but he shouted “LEAVE ME THE ***K ALONE”  then proceeded to shut the door and hasn’t been speaking to me after that.

His mom knew about the argument and called begging me to be more patient and not make any decisions I might regret later. She agreed that Nelly was overstepping  and firmly believes she’s the problem and so I shouldn’t be hard on her son. But Mil is incredibly biased, meaning in her eyes, her son is a saint who can do no wrong. So that’s that.

I feel like I overreacted and really messed it up when I pushed him like that. Do any other husbands do this? What are your opinions?

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