Wife Clueless Seeing Husband Destroying 3Yrs Old Daughter’s Self Esteem.

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For example my daughter used to sing songs loudly, chat unabashedly to anyone and everyone who was willing to listen. Now she whispers quietly to herself. constantly says “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” even when she hasn’t done anything wrong. And she’s always asking, “Are you ok?” every two seconds.

I know the reason why she’s like this. My husband is very critical of her and yells at her daily, at least 5x a day. I try to act as a buffer but I admit I’m a very passive person and a lot of times I just secretly comfort her later. I grew up with a very domineering mother who used to criticize me all the time, growing up I was a super anxious person. Sometimes I feel like I married my mother. I try to tell my husband this, but he always says that we just have different parenting views, he says he refuses to let her be spoiled. I don’t know how I can get through to him? Sometimes I feel like it’s too late. The damage has already been done. My daughter has become very withdrawn. I don’t see her returning to her happy go lucky self anymore.

What should I Do ?

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