Wife Doesn’t Want Husband To Talk To Their Son’s Teacher. Is She Right…

Teachers are the unrivaled rock stars of education. They labor relentlessly to improve the lives of future generations. Their dedication, hard labor, and eternal optimism are never overlooked. Read the story to know why this father was upset with his daughter’s teacher and do you think he is overreacting?

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My daughter’s preschool hired a new teacher/teacher’s aide (early 20’s f) earlier this year. My daughter adores this teacher and my wife, who is also a teacher, speaks highly of her.

We just had a baby so I’ve been taking care of drop off and pickup lately and I’ve been able to form my own opinion of this teacher.

In my opinion, she messes with the kids too much. These are all examples that I’ve seen.

For Christmas we got every teacher a box of chocolates from a small shop near the school. The shop wrapped the boxes and they have the name of the shop on the wrapping paper. Everyone knows what it is by looking at it. My daughter ran in yelling “we got you chocolate” and the teacher said “Abby! It was supposed to be a surprise!” She still hugged my daughter and thanked her but I felt that the remark was unnecessary.

Another time, I picked my daughter up towards the end of snack time. My daughter came up to the teacher and asked for more snacks. Teacher said “Abby, you already ate all of our snacks. If I give you more we won’t have anything to eat tomorrow. You’re about to go home and have dinner anyways.” In my opinion, the first two sentences were very unnecessary.

This last one just happened on Friday. Pickup ends at 4:30 and I’m guessing the teacher leaves at 4:45. I called the school and said that I was going to be late for pickup and I got there at around 4:45. When I got there, my daughter was with a little boy, whose parents had been there for 20 minutes but he was refusing to leave. My daughter was getting her stuff and I saw the teacher give the boy a spray bottle, a rag, and gloves and say “Jack, if you want to stay, you’re gonna have to clean the tables then vacuum, I have to go home and your mom can’t wait forever.” She went to the closet, got her stuff, and started walking to the door. His mom also started to walk away. The little boy dropped the cleaning supplies, started crying, and ran for his mom when the teacher made it to the door and his mom was out of sight. In my opinion, there had to have been a better way to get him to go than scaring the crap out of him.

I get that she’s joking but these kids are 3 and 4 and don’t get it. My daughter has never admitted to this teacher making her upset but I still don’t like how she talks to my daughter or the other kids. My wife and I were talking about the school and I said that I wanted to talk to the teacher about being nicer to my daughter and the other kids. My wife rolled her eyes at me and said that I’m starting to sound like a certain parent at her school that she and the other teachers can’t stand and that if I insist that everyone coddle our daughter then she’s going to have a hard time when she’s older. Am I the a***hole for not liking the teacher and wanting her to be nicer?

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