Wife Explains Why All Women Would Crave For A Husband Like Hers.

Story by Molly Claypool

I will always remember these days with my guy. When our mornings start with the doorway being bombarded by a handful of babies ready to snuggle up in our bed to warm up their tiny feet. When the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the house amidst the chaos of sticky, syrupy pancake hugs and toy take away battles. Trying to get everyone out the door to where they need to be. Trying to zip jackets, change diapers & chase down the toddler who took his pants off again.

His good morning kisses & chats over a ninja quick breakfast are the best. Because even when there isn’t time to say much, we can still say a lot. He doesn’t mind me in the dirtiest pair of leggings or the most pristine outfit I own. He’s just there, always. Ready to be my other half & the ultimate superhero dad to our littles.

These days, we are neither here nor there for long. We are always on our toes, high fiving each other when the house is finally clean & the random plethora of toys are all put away. Only for those tiny tornados to destroy it the next morning. This is such a busy & unpredictable season in our marriage, & it’s so unbelievably fun. Because we never know what the next day is going to bring. Let me tell you, this life is amazing – but it’s not perfect. It’s better. Because in our story, perfection isn’t the goal. Love is.

Our world can get pretty crazy at times, but it’s only the BEST kind. The days can be long when you’re tired & stretched thin. They can be even longer when you add other life commitments on top of that exhaustion. But having him by my side is the root of the motivation I feel. It’s his desire to build me up when my feet start to drag. Even when things get unpredictable & off course, we still find ourselves in complete sync. Having his arms to fold up in at the end of those long days is home for me. He is my forever, & I’ll spend the rest of my life in absolute love with everything about this feeling. ♡

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