Wife In Coma But Still Husband Plans For Their Anniversary.

Just how much do you love your partner. Here are 10 stories of men who showed their wives just how much they love them.

1. In China, Zhang’s wife of 54 years, Cai, is severely ill and has been in a coma for awhile. So earlier, to celebrate their anniversary, Zhang brought in roses and candies hoping to wake her.

He also sang to his beloved wife.

2. Laura Gilbertson suffers from multiple sclerosis, so for their 10th anniversary, husband Carl wanted to give her something special. So, as Carl pushed her wheelchair through Liverpool city center, a flashmob sprang up and started serenading her with the Bruno Mars song “Just the Way You Are.”

Laura was tremendously surprised, and cried from the beautiful gesture.

Carl Gilbertson organised an amazing flashmob surprise for his wife Laura, who has Multiple Sclerosis, to celebrate their 10th anniversary – and she wasn’t the only one who shed tears of joy

Posted by Channel 5 News on Thursday, 28 July 2016

3. Marci Newman was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last October. So she was given radiation treatment and put in isolation. But her husband, John, did not leave her side… not for one minute.

He loved her so much, that he even moved his chair and small desk just outside her room to keep her company through the isolation.

4. A lot of men depend on their wives’ good cooking, but what happens if their wife gets sick. In Montreal, an Alzheimer’s support group offers cooking classes for men so they can now return the favor and cook for their sick wives.

5. Molly was going through a rough bout of depression. So her husband Tim wrote her a love letter, telling her 15 reasons why he loves her.

But he didn’t do it in a normal way. He wrote the 15 reasons on her bedroom mirror, so she could read them every day and, hopefully, help her through her struggles.

6. “You used to comb my hair, but I’ve never combed yours,” said an elderly man in the hospital as he carefully and lovingly moved a comb through his sick wife’s hair.

Sometimes, we, as men, can take for granted the simple things to let our partner know we love them. Some lost time was made up here by this man.

This is how you carry out your wedding vows after being married for over 70 years… "in sickness and in health" * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.

Posted by Jamie Jones on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

7. They had been married for more than 70 years, and now 91-year-old Jack Potter was having to care for his 93-year-old wife, Phyllis, who suffers from dementia.

So, to help her with her memories, he reads pages from a diary he has kept. It’s a diary he started just before he met her… in 1941.

8. A Chinese couple had been married for just 5 months when the wife fell critically ill. Zhou was only 20 and had completely lost the ability to move her body. She was paralyzed and she could not produce children. Of course, she and her husband, Du, were overwhelmed by the situation. And after a while, some of Du’s co-workers told him he should divorce her and move on to fine another wife, a healthy woman.

But Du bitterly resisted those suggestions, and their love affair continued, with Du taking care of his disabled wife…feeding her, bathing her and giving her comfort. It’s a beautiful tale of true love. But perhaps what makes it even more remarkable is that today, Zhou is 77 years old, and 85-year-old Du has been taking care of her for the past 57 years.

9. Rocky was married to Julita for 55 years, until she died in 1993. He loved her so much that after she died, he spent every day at her gravesite in West Roxbury for hours and hours, rarely eating and enduring all types of rough weather conditions.

This went on every day for 20 years. Finally, in early 2014, Rocky himself died at the age of 97 and was buried next to his beloved wife.

10. Gordon and Norma Yeager of Iowa had been married for an amazing 72 years. He was 94 and she was 90, and through the years they had done everything together, many times holding each others’ hands. Theirs was an incredibly committed love, one that inspires others but only few actually achieve.

They were exceptionally active, often going on camping trip, going boating, fishing, water skiing. And they were smiling all the time, because they loved their lives, and they truly loved each other.

But in 2011, they were in a terrible car accident and taken to the hospital in bad condition. As their broken bodies lie side by side in the intensive care unit, Gordon took Norma’s hand and, soon after, died. An hour later, death also took Norma. It was a very sad time for their family. But the family also realized it was probably best, because neither could have lived without the other.

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