Wife Refuses Husband To Attend Baby Shower Or The Child Birth After This.

Knowing that a couple is going to have a baby is one of the best moments in their life. Everyone wishes for a healthy baby. For some deep inside wishes for a girl or a boy child. Read the story to know what happened between this couple and do you think the wife’s reaction to her husband’s excitement is valid?

Source: Reddit

My husband (29yo) and I (28yo) have a daughter (3yo), he was happy when I told him she was a girl. We’re having another and when I had my ultrasound, I was told it was another girl, again my husband was Happy. Turns out I was told wrong, and it’s actually a boy we’re having, and my husband freaked out in excitement.

His reaction to us having a boy was nothing like his reactions to having a girl. He was actually jumping around and yelling, he immediately called all his friends and family, he kept hugging and swinging our daughter around telling her she’s getting a brother.

I confronted him about not being this excited about having girls, and he said “cause I wanted a boy ”. I got so pissed off, I don’t want him at the baby shower (I guess it’s not really a baby shower as we’re not asking for anything, but still) or the birth.

He thought I was kidding at first, but once he realized I seriously got really upset and started an argument over it. Am I A Jerk if I didn’t let him attend the baby shower or birth?

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