Wife Staring At The Lingerie Shop Never Expected Him To Say This.

Source: Reddit

I was on holiday with my husband, first actual time exploring and having fun since restrictions were lifted. I have put on more weight than I ever wish to have and can’t bring myself to lose it. I know I’ve put on weight, I’m self conscious about it but I don’t like people telling me I’m not overweight when I damn well know I am. My husband just thinks I’m gorgeous, I know he does and I love that about him. Anyway.

I was staring at a shop window with lots of beautiful lingerie that I could never fit into and made an offhand comment about how I can’t shop there anyway because I’m too fat. My husband made an exasperated noise and rolled his eyes and said something like “you’re not fat! You’re c- uh – YOU’RE CHARMINGLY ROUNDED”.

I couldn’t stop laughing, because it’s such a damn weird thing to say!!! When he gets worked up he tends to trip over his words. Apparently he wanted to go for something like “curvy and beautiful”, and what came out was charmingly rounded. Now I refuse let him live this down, and refer to myself as charmingly rounded all the time to tease him. Just wanted to share it as it makes me really happy to be married to this giant goof!

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