Wife Surprised Her Deaf Husband About Her Pregnancy Result In The Most Beautiful Way.

The news that you’re pregnant is really a big deal and sharing that news with your partner is one of the greatest highlights a couple can have. Here are 5 stories where some couples and even some grandparents get in on the big surprise.

1. In Hammond, Louisianna, Brittany wanted to surprise her deaf husband David with her pregnancy. So she waited until Christmas to let him know in a very visual way.

His first present was a Baby Ruth candy bar. He looked confused.

His second gift was a big bottle of Dad’s Root Beer. He was puzzled.

Finally, he opened some tissue paper containing two positive pregnancy tests. And he got it with that one.

The look on his face is definitely priceless.

2. Dana and Arkell of Virginia experienced some very rough times while trying to have children early on in their marriage. One child was stillborn and there were four miscarriages. The couple, now married 17 years, had decided to give up being parents a long time ago.

But when Dana started walking with her friends last year to lose some weight, she wasn’t losing any. So she went to her doctor. She was five-months pregnant. Dana surprised Arkell by having him open the oven, where he found a package of buns and a sonogram picture next to them.

Arkell put his shirt over his face and started crying.

3. Hey, most of us guys are cool. I mean you rarely see us show our emotions even when it’s big news. This one grandpa-to-be played it cool alright, when he and grandma-to-be walked into a room filled with baby clothes and a sign stating the expected arrival date of the baby.

While grandma-to-be went hysterical with happiness, he stayed low key, until his shouting wife left the room to be with the couple. Then grandpa-to-be, with no one looking except the eye of a hidden camera, does a couple of high-jump fist-bumps into the air before regaining his composure and walking out of the room like nothing had happened.

4. Now here’s a switch… in a couple of ways. Brummel told his wife Rachel that she was going to be a mommy. You see, the couple already had three children and Brummel had recently had a vasectomy, so, of course, his wife getting pregnant would be pretty improbable, But Brummel had noticed she had been complaining of fatigue and nausea, and her appetite had increased.

He also realized he had not been to his five-month checkup to see if the vasectomy took. After finding out it didn’t, he disabled the toilet so it could not flush and used a pregnancy test after Rachel had been to the bathroom. It was positive.

So Brummel bought her some flowers with a card that read: “If you ever worried that life would be a bore, put that fear aside – you are now a mommy of four.”

Needless to say, Rachel was stunned.

5. Brits Beth and Jamie, of Wiltshire, England, married in 2005 and went through seven agonizing years of in-vitro fertilization before finally becoming parents to Eli.

But soon they were desperate to add on to their family, so they tried in-vitro again twice and it failed. They were preparing to start a more expensive treatment when Beth, feeling a little nauseous, discovered she was pregnant.

So one day, after Jamie arrived home and started talking about a deer he spotted on the side of the road, Beth asked him to open a gift that Eli had made for him. Inside the gift bag, Jamie found a baby blanket with the positive pregnancy test wrapped inside it.

Looking confused, he says, “What??” It takes a few minutes to sink in, but Jamie finally realizes he will soon be a daddy again.

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