Wife Thought Her Husband Sent Her Flowers. But The Reality Is Gold.

Most of us will try to impress our sweeties with little gestures to show them just how much we care. Sometimes, that can backfire. And the next time you send something to someone, you might wanna make sure it gets to the right person… or something.

Debbie Cardone was just having a regular, run-of-the-mill day at home doing some chores when suddenly the doorbell rang. When she answered the door she was surprised to see a delivery man there with a bouquet of flowers. How very special, she thought, as she took the bouquet of flowers and thanked the delivery man.

They were from her husband… what an awesome guy, she thought to herself as she smiled. Then, as she opened the card that came with the flowers, that smile that filled her face started fading quite a bit.

It WAS from her husband, but his wife was NOT the intended target of the flowers. That beautiful bouquet was sent to the couple’s beloved bulldog, Sebastian, which was recovering from surgery.

The note read: “Sebastian, Feel better. You’ll be back in the game very soon. Love, Daddy.”

And although Debbie was a little torn about the flowers not being for her, she fully understood and supported the fact that Sebastian could use something bright to cheer up his day.

She shared her funny story about it on Twitter and it went viral. And just so you know, Sebastian did, indeed, enjoy the beautiful bouquet, taking in the sweet aroma and possibly thinking about it for dinner. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/8sGtfxEsQeo

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