Wife Was Amazed How He Handled This Woman At The Store.

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There’s something about the way I look/dress/act that causes people to assume I work here (wherever I am at the time). It’s happened at restaurants a few times, Office Depot more than once, at a fancy resort in Hawaii, but it happens most often at Home Depot.

It’s become an ongoing joke with me and my wife. I have told her dozens of times about these instances, and we are both entertained. But she rarely sees it happen first-hand.

Yesterday, we were at a Home Depot picking up plastic storage bins. She and I together, pulling bins off the shelf and loading them into a cart. An older lady approached me.

OL: Excuse me, where do you keep your bug spray?

Me: It’s in “outdoors” right over there.

OL: Oh thank you. Also, I have these little fruit flies in my house. What do you recommend?

Me: Put a splash of wine in a glass. Add two drops of dish soap. Cover the top with Saran Wrap. Poke a couple holes in the Saran Wrap with a toothpick. The bugs will be attracted by the wine, go inside, and not be able to find their way out. The soap will help them drown by breaking the surface tension on the wine.

OL: Oh wow. Thank you so much for your help!

The whole time my wife stood there like 😮. After the older lady left, my wife told me how amazing it is to see this happen in real life, and how quickly I transformed from a customer to an employee. I don’t even bother to tell people I don’t work here.

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